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Around the World with Adam! 06/07/2012

Voice of an Angel!  Thanks to SensitiveSouls2

(Rehearsal Video)


Lots more great ones here:

Adam Lambert gorgeous in Moscow thanks to

HD Videos from Moscow


Concert in Poland tomorrow!

Queen + Adam Lambert Concert. Wroclaw, Poland , July 7 at 9:30pm 


Hello Wroclaw!!!! QueenBert tram spotted! Temp 35C. YAY!!!


UK Push for NCOE sales!  Please help if you can

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Longer Snippet of MAP!

Download here thanks to   @_ninni


Thanks to Shev66

Adam Lambert‏@adamlambert
Thanks for taking part in Capital's fan army competition!

@adamlambert new album Tresspasing got great review in the Daily Mail today

Adam Lambert‏@adamlambert
“@lulushouts: @adamlambert new album Tresspasing got great review in the Daily Mail today”thanks Lulu!


INTERVIEW: Adam Lambert's Big Week - New Single, New Album, Oh, And Taking His Place With Queen

Lambert is obviously ecstatic that nearly two decades after Mercury's death, Queen have finally nominated him as someone worthy to fill the almighty gap left by the showman. But he's quietly confident he's up to the challenge:
"I’m not superstitious about it. I do recognise the pressure and the expectation and I want to do a great job, I don’t want to let anybody down. I want to put on a good show. But I also feel confident that I’ll be able to do that.


Please respond to this ASAP!

Itunes Compatible download from Kiev!

(Kiev) I converted the 6GB MPEG from QueenZone an iTunes-compatible mp4 w chapters for DL (1GB)


Thanks to @illuxxia


Bohemian Rhapsody as performed by Queen + @adamlambert in Kiev, 30.06.12. You can catch me at 4:08. Enjoy! Kiev, 30.06.12. You can catch me at 4:08. Enjoy!


Thanks to @Maremi_Todo

LOL!  Adam or Kris??

Voting til 6AM tomorrow?



@adamlambert Wow!!! Big gains again today! TRESPASSING #3 on NZ pop iTunes!!!! NCOE #21!:)

Blinglam ‏@Blinglam
Wow!!! #Trespassing standard #13 on OZ iTunes Pop!!!

Trespassing Reviews!


Can I just say that John Aizlewood's review of Trespassing in the Evening Standard is nothing short of fucking remarkable. He iz mean.

Album review: @AdamLambert, 'Trespassing'. "We've only just begin to see what he's capable of..."

@pomegranate02: Trespassing is album of the week on Australian iTunes! @adamlambert



 Read the back of Brian's T-shirt!

Must watch this one! (same as yesterday)

illuxxia ‏@illuxxia

Longer version via BrianMayCom :D Queen and Adam Lambert Wroclaw Press conference:


Sauli's Blog



@adamlambert on the Cover and Inside Popcorn Hungary Magazine's, July 2012 Issue.






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  1. The review of Adams album was rather surprising. I found it almost laughable. They obviously wanted Pharell doing the entire thing. Mentioning how the last of the album was basically boring. But it was ok anyhow. I am always amused by these kinds of reviews. The reviewer is giving a complete reaction not as an independant writer, but more as a very personal attitude. We all have our particular level of likes and dislikes. Some of us are more relaxed in that attitude. I don't find these people very good at their job, when they don't look at a particular item outside their own personal listening view... In otherwords, I could never do justice to a hip hop album. I don't know enough about it. Plus I have a certain prejudice in that regard...sorry the truth.

  2. Am getting anxious. Any news on a live stream for tomorrow? Also what has happened with the virtual tickets for Poland? And, finally, we have been getting mixed messages on the times. Is it 3:30 PM EST for Queen and Adam on stage?
    Kiev spoiled us web stream stalkers! LOL

  3. Voice of an Angel is just so right - that Poland rehearsal vid is haunting - the comments are reflecting that. And love "Map" - his voice there is just so sweet - can't wait to hear the entire track.

    Agree with ifyoucantfixit2 about the "reviews" - such as they are. Nothing much thoughtful and intelligent about them - just snarky mostly with attempts at being above-it-all - dopes.

    Will be attached to the screen tomorrow hoping for a stream - but, no doubt, youtube vids will be popping up as usual.

    That venue is very impressive - wow.

    Check back later - luv, lee

  4. Oh yes thank you to Sensitivesoul2 for the video of the Sound check, where Adam sings Who wants to live forever. My favorite song coming out of that emmense stadium, gave me chills, and made me cry. Its so beautiful..It is surreal. Thank you thank you, thank you.


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