Thursday, 5 July 2012

Long Live the Adam! 05/07/2012


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"And the memories of Moscow? Very warm, and pleasing. Fantastic audience - singing beautifully. Adam is a joy to work with, and we are developing a stimulating communication. Thanks Moskva!


Queenbert  in Poland at 12PM EST on Saturday!

World Clock Rock in Wroclaw Festival in Poland on 7th 

July Queen + Adam Lambert 


2012-07-04 - Fan video of Adam arriving at his hotel in Poland

Queen Rock in Wroclaw



Adam, Brian and Roger all sound hoarse to me!  Love how Brian says they are touring BECAUSE of Adam.  Love how Roger slips in that Adam has a #1 album in the US.   "One in a hundred Million Voice"  Don't rule anything out.   A natural performer.  A generous performer. 

Wouldn't it be amazing if Adam could perform one of his songs at these concerts!!  

Queen live again on Saturday. Freddie died, long live the Adam?


Adam Signing Outside his Hotel

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Adam Lambert has been an enthralling fascination to music audiences ever since his second place finish on the show. His hybrid mix of synth-pop, glam rock and haunting ballads, has made him surprisingly fresh-faced for the current music industry. One of my very good friends is a staunch Glambert (a fan of Adam Lambert) and his profile avatars on all of his instant messaging applications are of Adam Lambert singing the freak out of something or another. His obsession is akin to a homeless alcoholic finding a truckload of cheap vodka on a lonely Christmas Eve.


Glitz and Glam: Adam Lambert’s Fashion Evolution

Adam Interviewed by Gaydar Radio! ======================== 

Interview from Moscow ====================
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'Virtual' tickets to the sold out Queen + ADam lambert show at the Hammersmith Apollo - would you buy one? Feedback needed please 


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- July 2012 -

July 03: Concert. Moscow, Russia. Moscow Olympic Arena with Queen at 8pm local time. [Source | message re: date change]

July 07: Concert. Wroclaw, Poland. Municipal Stadium with Queen. [Source]

July 08: Never Close Our Eyes released in the UK. [Source]

July 09: Trespassing released in the UK. [Source]

July 11, 12 and 14: Concerts. London, UK HMV Hammersmith Apollo with Queen. Doors open 6.30pm, show starts 8pm local time. [Source/More Info]

July 15: TV, Japan. MTV Behind The Music repeat. [Source]

July 19: Concert. Costa Mesa, California. 2012 OC Fair, Pacific Amphiteatre. 7:45pm PDT. [Source | More Info | Web Page]

July 20: Radio Concert 107.9 The End. Endfest 2012 at Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento, CA. 6:30 PDT start, Adam’s set time TBD. [The End web page | Endfest web page - ticket info]

July 21: Concert Indio, California. Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino at 8pm PDT. [Source/Ticket Info Here & Here | Web Page]

July 27: Concert Thackerville, Oklahoma. WinStar World Casino at 9pm CDT. [Source - ticket info]

July 28: Radio, Concert. Star 102.5 Des Moines, IA. All-STAR Summer Concert at Water Works Park in Des Moines, Iowa. Doors open at 11:30am. Show starting at 1pm CDT, Adam’s set time TBD. [More Info]


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Adam Lambert - Never Close Our Eyes



  1. "truckload of cheap vodka on a lonely Christmas Eve" Ha Ha Ha !

    ... And wouldn't it be nice if Adam could sing a Queen song at one of HIS concerts!

  2. I see Adam is doing the correct peace sign.....maybe Brian and Roger told him about the reverse "peace sign" Thanks Godfathers!

  3. Gloria:
    Inter: 18:44 Roger actually says one in a HUNDRED million! I heard him say that before at another interview a few months ago.

  4. i have to say watching adm perform with queen is kind of like having a dream come true i grew up listening to queen and always thought one day I get to see them perform live but then sadly we lost Freddy and with it i thought ever seeing Queen perform but now watching these videos it's like seeing the spirit of Freddy flow through adm and it's a dream come to life . He is brilliant in his performance and I'm lucky that so many fans have shared their videos so I can enjoy this moment in time. XOXO

  5. hiya Gloria
    you got mail bb (btw, the other email addy you gave me came back as undeliverable? lol)
    can you please post this link hun? thanks

  6. Overcome with emotion watching Adam signing at his hotel in Moscow. The fans were so quiet and respectful, the guards keeping our Adam safe, and ADAM BEING the amazing GENTLEMAN that he is, going around the whole circle of fans signing for as many as he could. I love him so much for who he is... a BORN ROCK STAR WITH A HEART OF GOLD. I will love him forever!! Andrea @Powderpuffnails

  7. Thanks for all the comments. Such an exciting time in the life of Adam!

    Remember the billions of questions after Idol about whether he was the new lead singer of Queen? Seems like he is!

    Corrected the link to adamofficial . Please comment there! Also corrected the "hundred" million!



  8. First of all. I left a feedback, and agreed to buy online virtual tickets, for the concert if they become available.
    Last night I went to some sites to see the peoples reaction to the pairing. I saw so many of the idiots that say he stunk, that Queen should not play since Freddie died. Where is John Deacon. All the crap that you can and have seen. But when they started saying his singing was awful. They should have hired that guy from the Queen Extrav. I hit the roof. Told them, they should either stop following it, if they don't like him. Or shut up and go away. Well I got locked out of the site. The first one on this page is associated with whoever did that. Just to let you know. So if you go there. dont like the neg. remarks.. be prepared. I personally would stand up for him again if that is what it took. Oh the guy waas saying so many untruths about him, his attitude, he had to have retakes on all his recordings,, etc etc. That is when I flew off the handle. They can either like him or not. But saying things that are damaging. Some people could be dumb enough to believe, it pissed me off.
    And keep up the good work. This is my living room these last days...thanks again.


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