Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Grand Finale! 14/07/2012

Show Must Go On (Another Version)

Under Pressure

I Want It All!
Bohemian Rhapsody Show Must Go On  Dont Stop Me Now Radio Gaga    Fat Bottomed Girls Don't Stop Me Now Another One Bites The Dust  

Who Wants to Live Forever     Somebody to Love (2 Views both great!)   Dragon Attack
              I Want to Break Free London3  (fabulous!)
We Are the Champions!  London 3
Adam Lambert! thanks to ?


01. Flash intro

02. Seven Seas Of Rhye

03. Keep Yourself Alive

04. WWRY Fast

05. Fat Bottom Girls

06. Don’t Stop Me Now

07. Under Pressure (Roger+Adam)

08. I Want It All

09. Who Wants To Live Forever

10. It’s A Kind Of Magic (Roger)

11. Days Of Our Lives (Roger)

12. Life Is Real

13. Love of my Life (Brian)

14. ‘39

15. Dragon Attack

16. Drum Battle - Gtr Solo

17. I Want To Break Free

18. Another One Bites The Dust

19. Radio Gaga

20. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

21. Show Must Go On

22. Bohemian Rhapsody


23. Tie Your Mother Down (Brian)

24. We Will Rock You

25. We Are The Champions


And the leather lace up pants return!

 ‏@recklesswanton  SKIPPING *dead*
@MattHill_666  Of course there won't be another Freddie but @adamlambert has got Hammersmith in the palm of his hand right now.

Radio Gaga

Meredith ‏@Merrycello

During Adam's intro of B&RS

41s Meredith ‏@Merrycello

Brian blowing Adam a kiss <33

45s justineland ♫ ‏@irJustineee

This is the last show in London for now... Said Adam


Flipping hell Adam Lambert's vocals are beyond immense for The Show Must Go On. #wowza


The whole fucking balcony on their feet at end of TSMGO!!!! *tears
Another pic


Hope you guys can hear them chanting ADAM, ADAM, ADAM....

53s Meredith ‏@Merrycello

How did I get so lucky to stan a man this incredible <333

1m I Go By Many Names ‏@igobymanynames

Speechless. Crowd wild for them


That was the best thing I've ever seen ever! #Queen&AdamLambert



Roger pushed Adam to the front but as always Adam refused to take the spotlight....he is a truly gracious performer and man....




I'm just standing here stunned look on my face, unable to move. Am I supposed to leave? Don't stop me now 'cause I'm having a good time!



This is how good @adamlambert is: Just went & saw my favourite band of all time & couldnt take my eyes of Adam - what a star! Best gig ever!

(link to stream is here)

Queen. Adam Lambert. Hammersmith...ROCKED. Goodnight!...for now....
Hopefully more to come in North America!!?

tuke ‏@tuke18

I heart the bare feet so damn much! Adam at Hammersmith London night 2 @adamlambert
Third London Show today at 3PM EST!!
Today's News
"Well, I think we all felt the last couple nights in Hammersmith have been a moment of significance. In fact, perhaps especially last night. The band, as it is now, seems suddenly to have switched into a higher gear - more confident, having more fun … and stepping into new territory … an amazing thought at this stage in our lives and in our careers … to be honest, I would never have thought it possible before this journey with Adam Lambert began."
"With their high ranges and power, Lambert and Mercury have some vocal similarities, even though their personalities (Lambert's openness and Mercury's shyness) and routes to fame seem quite different.
"I can't sing [the songs] as well as Freddie Mercury, of course I can't, he wrote them," he says. "I don't want to mimic him, that would be disrespectful to his memory. My goal is to be myself, but to make sure that I'm singing the songs as they were intended and [ask] 'what was the intention emotionally and musically here?'"
One thing that they do appear to have in common is that, just like Mercury helped break down boundaries in the UK in the 1980s and 1990s, Lambert's success could well help do the same thing on the other side of the Atlantic."
Photos from Hammersmith 2:
New Videos from Hammersmith 2  which are supposed to be great and I will check them out as soon as my internet stops being sucky!
I'm out on the lake today with sketchy internet.  I will be posting later today about the third London Queenbert show!  I'm certain it's going to be amazing!  


  1. I am so damn happy - leave it at that for now. lee

  2. Adam bare footed make me smile must be the FL girl in me

  3. 2t2tag--I have no words, just sighs, tears and love.


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