Sunday, 15 July 2012

Only the Memories ! 15/07/2012

Six fabulous Queenbert concerts and all that's left is the memories and the pictures and videos and the stories!

And likely a DVD coming and more concerts in the future! 

Adam Lambert thanks to ? via Amy C

WHEW! what a night! final show with  

here in London. What a killer crowd! I'll post some 

footage later! :)

Here you go Adam:

Playlist from Hammersmith #3 thanks to @terra_zephead

Thanks to @vanglam76

Thanks to Riddle601b

Thanks to @chunkeymonkey

IdolsNow ‏@idolsnow

ADAM LAMBERT's "Never Close Our Eyes" jumps 29-23 with a bullet on the Hot Dance Club Play chart. @adamlambert

Fan Recap worth reading!


Sitting on the plane and saw this in the Indpendent! @adamlambert @QueenWillRock


@lyndseyparker  BTW, as a native Californian I was proud to witness you winning over all those Brits. The "boy from California" did good!

Thanks to @lalalambrit

Adam Lambert - Adam Lambert Eyeing Album With Queen

Check out Brian and Adam in 3D


Queen with Bohemian Rhapsody just voted the Nations Favourite No 1 Single in UK just now

"As the lights came down, the synth intro to “Who Wants To Live Forever” played, and a collective shiver crept round the room. For a while the crowd sang along, before most found themselves stood in astonishment at what they were hearing. I’m not a massively emotional person…but suddenly I found myself moved to tears. Music and emotions are so intrinsically linked, but I’d never before heard an artist capable of conveying emotion so powerfully in a live setting. The first of many standing ovations of the night followed."

"What I do know is that Queen + Adam Lambert was one 

of the best gigs I’ve attended in my 26 years of gig-

going, and Adam brought a massive amount of youthful 

energy to the show, something which was sadly lacking in 

the Queen + Paul Rogers tours – Q+PR were very good, 

but it definitely felt like the Old Men Of Rock putting on

 a show – Queen + Adam felt much more like a happening 

gig, the entire band seemed rejuvenated and boosted by 

his youthful energy. It was an absolute joy to behind and 

a pleasure to be a part of.  And they even managed to 

bring in some pyros and flames for one number "

"Adam Lambert and Queen at the hammersmith apollo. 

His voice is unbelievable," Lawson singer Andy Brown 

tweeted on Saturday. "That was the best thing I've ever 

seen! #Queen&AdamLambert."

"Watching Queen at hammersmith. Already the best gig 

ever," bassist Ryan Fletcher also posted. "Queen live 

with Adam Lambert singing is the best thing I've ever 


(This article links to youtube of Another One Bites The Dust)

Downloading  by  After last 

nights mind blowing vocals I just had to do it

Great Pictures from London!

Thanks to @tuke18  More here:


Nile Rodgers ‏@nilerodgers
@AdamLambert -Yo man I hear all's going well. I have a HUGE IDEA (and my huge ideas are pretty good this year) DM, text or email me back-LUV

More Memories Coming!

July 16: TV, US. 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards on Palladia channel at 9:00am. [Source]
July 19: Concert. Costa Mesa, California. 2012 OC Fair, Pacific Amphiteatre. 7:45pm PDT. [Source | More Info | Web Page]
July 20: Radio Concert Sacramento, CA. 107.9 The End, Endfest 2012 at Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento, CA. 6:30 PDT start, Adam’s set time TBD. [The End web page | Endfest web page - ticket info]
July 21: Concert Indio, California. Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino at 8pm PDT. [Source/Ticket Info Here & Here | Web Page]
July 22: TV, US. 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards on Palladia channel at 3:00am. [Source]
July 26: Concert San Antonio, Texas. MIX 96.1 FM San Antonio. Six Flags San Antonio, Texas. [Source | Web page]
July 27: Concert Thackerville, Oklahoma. WinStar World Casino at 9pm CDT. [Source - ticket info]
July 28: Radio, Concert. Des Moines, Iowa. Star 102.5 Des Moines, IA. All-STAR Summer Concert at Water Works Park in Des Moines, Iowa. Doors open at 11:30am. Show starting at 1pm CDT, Adam’s set time 7-8pm. [More Info]
- August 2012 -
August Magazine, Japan. InRock Magazine. Interviewed in London. Available July 15. [Source]
August 02: TV, US. 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards on Palladia channel at 7:00pm. [Source]
August 05: TV, US. 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards on Palladia channel at 7:00am. [Source]
August 15: Festival Concert. Tokyo, Japan. Mezamashi Live 2012 hosted by Fuji TV Network in Tokyo, Japan. [More Info | More Info | Info Post -will be updated soon-]
August 16: TV, Japan. Music On! Artist File 27:00 – 27:30hr local time. [More Info]
August 18: Festival Concert. Tokyo, Japan. Summer Sonic 2012. [Website | More Info]
August 19: Festival Concert. Osaka, Japan. Summer Sonic 2012. [Website | More Info]
August 22: Radio Concert Sydney, Australia. Take 40 Radio/Take 40 Live Lounge. Adam will be performing at The Standard in Sydney Australia. [Webpage More Info]
- October 2012 -
October 17: Concert. Phoenix, AZ. Arizona State Fair at 7pm MST. [Webpage | Source]


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Adam Lambert - Never Close Our Eyes


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  1. My heart is so full of pride and love and joy for our boy. What amazing reviews and comments about what we have known for over three years now. Adam Mitchel Lambert's talent, charisma, showmanship, personality and, oh yes, voice, is unequaled by anyone today or in the past. Love love love him! Jennifer

  2. it started out as queen +adam (honoring freddie) and ended up as Adam Ruling The Universe.

  3. If Nils HUGE IDEA includes Bowie, I'll die!

  4. how do we vote to get NCOE as A contender on VH1 or better yet to get it into the top20

  5. Speaking of the Winstar Casino concert on July 27 - I have 2 tickets for sale in B section, for what I gave for them, $63. Email me at if interested. Thanks. Sharron from Missouri

  6. During Adam's first tour with GNT, Mark Gilroy, a music officienado in all things to promote talent, picked Adam out as an up and comer in the music world. I have been following Mark on Twitter for about a year, and he posted this great review yesterday:
    Passing it on as Mark promotes MANY artists and is NOT a glambert, but appreciates good music and entertainment.
    Hope you like it!


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