Monday, 16 July 2012

He's So Special! 16/07/2012

He's So Special!

To Know of Adam is to Love Adam!

@kardamdoll: @adamlambert Dragon Attack Jacket!! I made this Adam doll!!!

Click on picture for amazing gif!

final bows :') (London3 gif)


@brianmaycom: CAPITAL FM… Lawson Hail Queen And Adam Lambert's London Concert As "Unbelievable" - Video


Fans Speak


Adam Lambert really is the most underrated male artist 

of our generation.

I mean  has some of THE MOST powerful 

vocals, and the breadth of his vocal range is unrivalled by even 

female vocalists.

OMG OMG OMG  just RT'd me! I'm totally 

freaking out! THANK YOU!

@harrycooke  also DM'd me a cheeky ';)' but I can't reply because he isn't following me :( 

I wonder if Adam remembers me... 


HD I Want it All



Adam Lambert Torn Pants Gig
Sauli Koskinen socialize with Adam Lambert Queen appeared as a soloist in London, where the American Idol program stars in the spring-Lambert experienced embarrassing moments.
His leather pants torn the back side of a split among the show. The situation was even more comical song that Adam sang the very same moment: I Want to break free .

Interview with Adam by Jian Ghomeshi now on Video ================================  

CloseUp Videos from Poland thanks to AdamsGlitter91 ===================== 

Adam Lambert Blog in Spanish from Chile thanks to @Rosinex

Comment from Pam!

Ive told u befor how great ur site is and what a huge part of everyday life it is for me. i dont have much and little family none close so adam became my fullfillment years ago as he has for so many. i have nothing much exciting to do.

 my daily fix is to go check out whats new on ur site esch time i get the awsited tweet telling me go chk it out. i dnt check in any other sites everythg is here. u do such a great job. i no its gotta be so much work so i wanna tell u from pitt of my heart how thsnkful i am.

 u give me excitment in my usual dull dsys to keep up with the man the talent of the greatest gift god gave us adam. he dnt know how much he means to soneone like me. i cling to every word of interviews every note of songs and pray one day to hug him and tell him he gave this old lady new life. like teen years i have such anxiety and excitment that fills my days with happiness. 

my world is to help adam touch everyone and grow more to being the greatest entertsiner known. i promote his success and he deserves it. he always says he dnt get why glamberts r so passionate. its cause he gets into ur heart u pull for him protect him and adore him cause he makes u wanna help and care. he shows so much appreciation.

i love the touching pic from last nites last show from amy c. if u could please get the entire video of that last moment from that pic when sang last note of last song. i went to it in utube but doesnt show the goodbyes and emotion when he took that last bow. i love how he gives us so much emotion. please try to get that video till he leaves stage id love to see it. thank you for everythg. pam

Thanks Pam!

Anybody have the final video with all the goodbyes?


More Memories Coming!
July 16: TV, US. 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards on Palladia channel at 9:00am. [Source]
July 19: Concert. Costa Mesa, California. 2012 OC Fair, Pacific Amphiteatre. 7:45pm PDT. [Source | More Info | Web Page]
July 20: Radio Concert Sacramento, CA. 107.9 The End, Endfest 2012 at Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento, CA. 6:30 PDT start, Adam’s set time TBD. [The End web page | Endfest web page - ticket info]
July 21: Concert Indio, California. Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino at 8pm PDT. [Source/Ticket Info Here & Here | Web Page]
July 22: TV, US. 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards on Palladia channel at 3:00am. [Source]
July 26: Concert San Antonio, Texas. MIX 96.1 FM San Antonio. Six Flags San Antonio, Texas. [Source | Web page]
July 27: Concert Thackerville, Oklahoma. WinStar World Casino at 9pm CDT. [Source - ticket info]
July 28: Radio, Concert. Des Moines, Iowa. Star 102.5 Des Moines, IA. All-STAR Summer Concert at Water Works Park in Des Moines, Iowa. Doors open at 11:30am. Show starting at 1pm CDT, Adam’s set time 7-8pm. [More Info]
- August 2012 -
August Magazine, Japan. InRock Magazine. Interviewed in London. Available July 15. [Source]
August 02: TV, US. 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards on Palladia channel at 7:00pm. [Source]
August 05: TV, US. 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards on Palladia channel at 7:00am. [Source]
August 15: Festival Concert. Tokyo, Japan. Mezamashi Live 2012 hosted by Fuji TV Network in Tokyo, Japan. [More Info | More Info | Info Post -will be updated soon-]
August 16: TV, Japan. Music On! Artist File 27:00 – 27:30hr local time. [More Info]
August 18: Festival Concert. Tokyo, Japan. Summer Sonic 2012. [Website | More Info]
August 19: Festival Concert. Osaka, Japan. Summer Sonic 2012. [Website | More Info]
August 22: Radio Concert Sydney, Australia. Take 40 Radio/Take 40 Live Lounge. Adam will be performing at The Standard in Sydney Australia. [Webpage More Info]
- October 2012 -
October 17: Concert. Phoenix, AZ. Arizona State Fair at 7pm MST. [Webpage | Source]

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Adam Lambert - Never Close Our Eyes

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  1. This whole "Queenbert" experience has been amazing!! Great pics/vids
    ...Adam's angelic smile, his laughter...we are so lucky to have this moment in time....

  2. Gloria,

    Your blog is the sunshine that goes with my morning coffee. I have my own little ritual each morning - I love your blog, but the sooner I read it the sooner I finish, and I never want it to end, so I build up my suspense.

    First I have to read news of the day on my phone, then I check the weather. I look to see if I have any Twitter mentions or if Adam has tweeted ( that is my first taste of Adam for the day). I check my email accounts, first the one that does not subscribe to you, followed by the email account where I hope to see your email. There is a bit more suspense while I scan the other messages in my inbox, delete the junk, answer the ones that need prompt replies.

    It is only after this long, slow build up that I finally, finally allow myself to click on my adambertdaily notification. Suddenly my coffee tastes amazing, my heart smiles, and my day has officially begun.

    Thank you for all of your very hard work, your dedication, and most of all, thank you for sharing your Adam love with all of us.

    Peace Love Adam

  3. I have done this elsewhere, as available. However I wish to do it here as well.
    I wish to thank first of all our wonderful Adam. I wish to thank Roger Taylor, Brian May, and Rufus, plus the rest of the onstage band. The crew that helped this beautiful undertaking. I particularly wish to thank the people that posted, videos, pictures, and all the following information of the concerts. From the first one, with the massive audience which was as into that music as any crazed group of any stars of the day we have now. The Glamberts that went through the expense and effort, and I know it is not a small thing to go that far from home. I am so happy they were there to support Adam, and the rest of the band as well. They were a great help to his confidence and assurance to the hard core Queen fans. They tend to be a bit skeptical, never mind some are openly hostile. I was very happy indeed. The showing the glamberts produced.
    Last but certainly not the least of this is the wonderful job that this site, and one or two others did in getting the whole thing up and showing us that couldn't attend. It was a blessing that I can never truly say how much I loved it. How grateful that i was to get these pieces of history. I know that this tour not only "reinvigorated," the remaining members of the band, because they stated such. But it also gave Adam the chance to be seen by a great increase in fans that he may not have otherwise had. All of which has to be a great boon to his record sales, and Itunes purchases. Which afterall is the lion share of the reason he does what he does.
    At the end of the day. I just want to thank from the bottom of my heart, everyone that shared their love for him, so those that could not be there. Felt that at least in part we were..Janice


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