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@Adamlambert and @Americanidol! 25/08/2012


American Idol Speculation!

More Idol news below

@bayoulady60Sorta..He cancelled an interview w/Byron Cook in OZ cos he HAD to fly back to H'Wood & BUZZ about AI bigger than ever, idk! XD

American Idol, Rodney Jerkins (producer on AI10), Mariah Carey...........

I continue to say ITS GOING TO HAPPEN and now it should be known on MONDAY!

(when I will be on a plane flying home from California...  :(  )

Thanks to @JanusAquarius

Thanks to @TrishBertNZ


 OMG ,,, I'm dead  NCOE 

on the main radio in Egypt finally ,, Breath Breath 

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!

the most famous Chinese TV show used @adamlambert ‘s Trespassing as their openning music tonight

CHUYYYMΔNSTER @chuyyymonster 

@adamlambert xtina or gaga?

Adam Lambert @adamlambert
@chuyyymonster xtina and gaga are both great for their own reasons They're different for all... aint a competition, its music..

Miles Tougeaux ‏@milestougeaux

RIP @adamlambert Your earliest inspiration.




Lynneville ‏@Lynneville
ICYMI RT @riley1877 Here is a download link of the Joy 94.9 interview snippets that aired yesterday @misfitoys)

Katie Purvis ‏@katiemelb

.@adamlambert CD signing is definitely Elizabeth Street, Sunday 4-6pm - I just spoke to JB Hi-Fi on the phone. (Thanks, @debbieeeeee!)

More info from JB: @adamlambert signing is 4-5pm Sunday (not 4-6pm) & he will only sign CDs (no body parts LOL). You can bring your own CD.



Just been @JBHifi Eliz St venue 4 signing - this will be by door if U wanna shop - CD signing only


Katerina ‏@Jadelle1

Adam's Shopping Addiction!: via @youtube



Missie ‏@missiexox

i loved Adam's response today to me and @brookiepoo_x as to how Runnin' ended up as a bonus track..."i f**ked up!" haha! :)

Missie ‏@missiexox

Re: Runnin'- Adam didnt say it in an interview.There is no audio/video of it. it's a paraphrased answer from a question asked during my M&G!

Missie ‏@missiexox

@nicellis14 it's more that Adam didnt love the song as much back then. He was surprised at how much the public has responded to the song!


Pic/Tweet via @missiexox: "My view of Adam being interviewed on the Morning Show!"


Did we confuse @adamlambert? Stay tuned for the full interview next week on


More Take40 vids here: @fruitflyCaz, Cuckoo and Is This Love up later

一周海外当红IN指标 TOP10-6 120612 音乐风云榜 video news featured @adamlambert

NCOE Most Desired!


Blake Fitzpatrick @Blakefitzee 1m
On such a high got to meet @adamlambert on the @morningshowon7 he is the coolest guy ever.



Adam Lambert on the Hot 30 Countdown - Via Hot 30 Countdown



Continue voting for Queen+Adam Lambert as The Event of the Year in the Classic Rock Magazine Awards 2012!...


August 24: TV, Australia. Sunrise TV / Morning Show on 7 Performances & Interview first song at 7:40am AEST. [Source | Watch Live]

August 24: Radio, Australia. Interview snippets on JOY 94.9 [Johno's show] at 12-1pm AEST. [Source | Time Clock & Listen Live info]
August 24: Promo stop in Melbourne, Australia. [Source]
August 24: Radio, Australia. Interview with Take 40 in Melbourne. Interview will air next week[Source]
August 25: TV, US. 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards on Palladia channel at 9am ET. [Source]
August 26: Melbourne, Australia. Concert Channel V Guerrilla gig at Federation Square at 3:30pm. [Source | More Info]
August 26: Melbourne, Australia. CD signing at JB Hi-Fi [Elizabeth St] from 4-5pm. [Source]
August: Radio, Australia. Interview with Take 40 [Melbourne]. Full interview from last week will be posted on date TBA. [Source]
August 27: Radio, Australia. Interview with FOX FM 101.9 Fifi and Jules more info TBA. [SourceSource]
August 27: Radio, Australia. Interview on JOY 94.9 [Katie & Johno] at 12-2am AEST. [Source |Time Clock & Listen Live info]
August 28: Radio, New Zealand. Interview with ZM Online Polly Gillespie airs. [Source]
August 29: Radio, Australia. Interview on JOY 94.9 repeat at 9pm AEST. [Source | Time Clock & Listen Live info]

August 31: TV, Japan. Mezamashi Live [Aug 15] on Fuji TV Next at 14:05-14:45 JST. [Source]

Sunrise Media

Susan Bialowas ‏@SusunB

More photos of Adam leaving Sunrise...

Adam Lambert @adamlambert

@brianlondon and I Goin IN!…


Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

this one ain't blocked:

'American Idol's' Summer of Covers: Adam Lambert Does Bob Marley, Kelly Clarkson Takes on 'Call Me Maybe' (Video)









AngelsweptDawn ‏@AngelsweptDawn @MichaelOrland #Adam4IdolJudge RT if you want Adam Lambert to get a #greenlight from American Idol

Retweeted by Michael Orland

Idol News  (no mention of Adam)


Alright, this is what TMZ said, "Catch TMZ, Breaking American Idol News! Someone's making a huge comeback to  Idol, (They flash Paula and Simon, and then Dunkleman)... Idol comeback next Tuesday)"

@Merrie_LINY: JUST heard on #Fox5 Someones making a comeback to #IDOL :) )))))))))

Thanks to @DutchGlamberts



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  1. Your blog is always the best! Thanks, Gloria!
    M Young

  2. Glorious,
    I Love the Dutch Glamberts Runnin' video. I had never really thought of it as radio-ready, but I've changed my mind.


  3. I do enjoy your daily postings. Thanks for sharing all the latest and best news about Adam and his career. <3


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