Sunday, 26 August 2012

Guerilla Gig Melbourne! 26/08/2012

@adamlambert The funny moment Adam and I met using my cousin's iphone. I was in my room in Canada, he was in Melbourne!


He's here.

Working with the @channelv crew at #FedSquare for @AdamLambert #GuerillaGig #AmericanIdol

wizalabooboo 6m



@Unicornmon: Adam Lambert :)

He did Trespassing, WWFM, Shady, Naked Love. Was only supposed to do 2 songs. #adamguerrillagig
@AdamLambert putting on a killer [V] Guerilla Gig at Fed Square!

 luana_bananaa OHHHH MY JESUS

Thanks to @elisecloudnine

Adam Lambert guerrilla session! @ Federation Square

Thanks to @pomegranate02

Amanda Kelly ‏@pomegranate02

Here's my pics from the gig

Adam Lambert JBHifi Signing & Guerrilla Gig - Melbourne Australia 26th - 75 Photos via @kittybaroque

Huge crowd at signing. Adam is sitting at a table in the front window and Trespassing is playing on the sound system.

@etharei: Signing over! Love the many kiddies

mmadamimadamm ‏@mmadamimadamm
@katiemelb Do you know if he's flying home tonight or tomorrow morning?

Katie Purvis ‏@katiemelb
@mmadamimadamm Tomorrow afternoon

(Adam is leaving Monday Afternoon from Australia which means he arrives in LA Monday Morning!)

Channel [V] ‏@channelv

I posted 98 photos on Facebook in the album "Adam Lambert [V] Guerilla Gig"


New Adam Lambert Hour Website:


@glam_alidol: the most famous Chinese TV show used @adamlambert ‘s Trespassing as their opening music tonight

Tweets from Yesterday

carol ‏@Not_Karol

@adamlambert Do you have any idea of when the single will be announced?

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert
@Not_Karol ask RCA ;)
it's in their hands.

Reyna ‏@RainOnMe83

Ok so maybe I don't have to say EVERYTHING that's on my mind....fine!! Lol working on my filter!

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

@RainOnMe83 yeah them filters are hard to find. lets try an order two online... lol
Smallzy Interview

Thanks to @DutchGlamberts


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  1. I love your emails! You do such a good job and I know it is much work! Thank you for doing this for me!

  2. That Guerilla Gig was so much fun - he looked terrific and unbelievable voice sitting on a street corner in 57 degree temperature. Flying home now - wonder what's coming up. Mysterious. Thanks, Gloria - lee


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