Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Blondes Do Have More Fun! 07/08/2012

Brilliant Trend!  #BlondesHaveMoreFinn!

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@adamlambert: *New 'Do. http://t.co/xBV2NTSN

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert You ask Why? Why not? ;)change is good.

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert Even more excited to play dress up in Japan now! #chromeashplatinumfantasy

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert
Haha ;) "@MTVBuzzworthy: PHOTO: @AdamLambert's new hair is EVERYTHING. BRING ON THE UNICONRS! http://at.mtv.com/kHg

Popdust ‏@Popdust

What do you think of @adamlambert's new blond 'do?http://popdu.st/MrGinx


@adamlambert OMG!!! YOU'RE A BLOND BOY NOW!!! <3 font="font" phillipeblond="phillipeblond" xxx="xxx">

Phillipe Blond ‏@phillipeblond
@adamlambert AAAAHHHH!!!! <3ing look="look" on="on" span="span" this="this" u="u">

ET Canada ‏@ETCanada
What do you think of Adam's blonde hair - RT @adamlambert *New 'Do. pic.twitter.com/jiIr2izX
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@JustJared @AdamLambert Debuts Bleached Blonde Hairdo! http://goo.gl/fb/up8nN


Sauli's New Blog


Improved Version of Dragon Attack Wroclaw


Adam in German Magazine thanks to 




Adam is Platinum!  (His Hair!)

@adamlambert Cabo was great! Nicely toasted.


@_ninni: ICYMI: Adam has BLONDE hair! I've posted 40 HQ pictures to http://adam-pictures.com-http://bit.ly/OKg4Bo



Will catch up today and be back to normal posting tomorrow!

Pictures thanks to @TommysBitch28


Scans of Turkish Magazine Here:



  1. I love the blond hair! Go Adam! Keep surprising us! :)

  2. Blonde, eh? That will take getting used to, but just when we do, he will change it again. He always likes to confound us. Remember when he shaved half his head and we all freaked? He got a laugh over it.

  3. Adam does love to change things up. I can't wait to see him without the ball cap. I wonder if his new look has anything to do with his new music video? Anyway, as long as Adam is happy, I'm happy.

  4. If changing his hair color makes him happy. Rejuvinates his system, then great. It is only hair. He dyed it before, he can do it again, and then when he is ready..go back. He will have lots of fun playing. Imagine him with a fierce orange streak to match that fierce jacket? AWESOME !!!


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