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Queen and Adam! 05/08/2012

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Roger [Taylor] and Brian [May] had a choice—sit and reminisce or get back on the roller coaster.

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Today I need to share this beautiful essay written by NoAngel on Adamtopia.  Everyone needs to 
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Yesterday and Today: I Still Love You

8/5/2012 byNoAngel

As much as I adored every moment Adam was onstage, for me one of the most emotionally powerful moments in the Queen + AL concerts was Roger and Brian singing "These Are The Days Of Our Lives." Against a video montage of their youthful selves, the pair sang what I heard as a ballad about their shared past. The mood felt nostalgic and warm and poignant and it made me cry each time. In hindsight, the song has taken on even more meaning because I believe that it is also a celebration of the present and a love song to future possibilities.

After the London concerts I skimmed through fan reactions on various sites, and amidst glambert flailing and the pleased surprise of many Queen fans, there was a small but vocal "Queen died with Freddie" contingent. I've always felt sympathy toward this group. I can't even imagine loving a band and then losing a shining star like Freddie, and I can completely understand their feeling that the Queen they knew and loved died in 1991. It doesn't matter how well Adam or anyone else sings because their hearts are fiercely loyal and their grief prevents them from hearing what we hear. I understand where they are coming from but they lose me when they suggest that Brian and Roger should have laid the music to rest.

Listening to "These Are The Days Of Our Lives," I remember Brian's words from the Wrocław press conference: "We feel young again. No, not young—we feel re-energized." And anyone who has seen these concerts can attest to the energy onstage. It lit up Brian and Roger's faces, it radiated between them and Adam, and it poured out over the audience, which absorbed it and sent it back in that infinite circle of which Adam speaks. Anyone who thinks that Queen died 21 years ago need only to have seen the happiness in Brian's eyes or the grin on Roger's face for proof that these two guys disagree. Their joy and delight was palpable as they played the music they had created and as they watched the audience sing along to the songs they love.

The segment of the concert from "A Kind of Magic" to "'39" was lit with an amber glow of nostalgia and warm reminiscence. Here Brian and Roger created an intimate space for themselves and the fans who've loved them for decades. But it was obvious as Adam strutted out in scarlet fur that Brian and Roger were not content to leave their music in the past. They fully embraced the present and the youthful energy and fresh perspective that their chosen vocalist brought to them and their fans.

Brian and Roger understand that it's not a choice between past and present. Living in the now doesn't mean you don't value what has gone before, and it certainly doesn't mean you are betraying what once was. "These Are The Days" was mostly written by Roger, in the year before Freddie died. He wrote it knowing that the era when all four of them were together was drawing to an end. But--

I look and I find… I still love you

I wonder if there was something inside of Roger that could see into a future when he would stand onstage and sing a song about the past that also recognized the beauty of today and the possibilities of tomorrow. Was there a part of him that knew already then that he could never leave the music behind?

Roger and Brian could have chosen to honor their musical legacy by leaving it captured it in amber and spending the rest of their lives in silent witness to its greatness. Instead they looked in their hearts and found that they still loved it. They loved it so much that they needed to keep singing it.

The "you" to which Roger and Brian sing isthismoment, here and now. To the audience listening at their feet and to the music that pours from their throats and from Brian's guitar and from the hands of Roger's son on drums behind them. They sing to a love that is lost, and to a love that lives on. To music that never died and that was brought to shining life in six magical concerts.

I'd like to go back one time on a roller coaster ride

At some point, Roger and Brian had a choice—sit and reminisce or get back on the roller coaster. For Adam's sake, and for ours, I'm grateful that they decided to take another ride. And to bring us all with them.



Hi folks,

Well, as Queen tours go, it was...short!

But really quite amazing. We put a lot of work into rehearsing the show with Adam Lambert...and it was quite an undertaking. Especially since there was no chance to 'warm up' before we plunged into a huge gig in front of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians! But every step we took out there, in Kiev, Moscow, Wroclaw and good old Hammersmith, we felt there was magic in the air. It all feel very worth-while.

For me, it was amazing to work out front with Adam, because he, like Freddie, is a very spatially connected was constantly stimulating for me play with the available space on stage and use it to project to maximum power out to the audience - and back again. Like in the old days, the show felt interactive, and fun. And what an extraordinary voice!

The music, in a situation like this, does catch fire, and I thought there were some really great 'loose' moments on that tour.

I have to thank once again our fans - our audience, our friends around the world, who once again gave back energy in bucket-loads...and made the whole experience very rewarding."

Roger and I are now preparing ourselves mentally for an appearance in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, which was supposed to be a secret but it's definitely well leaked by now! Every day a new adventure. I am thankful, grateful and blessed! What does the future hold? I don't know...but I guess that's always why there is fun to be had. Take care out there...

Much rockin' to be done!

With love, Bri


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