Friday, 10 August 2012

Good in Tokyo! 10/08/2012

Adam Lambert pictures thanks to @adamlambertJP

Improved edit of Queenbert  Intro thanks to Nationalglampoon


GERMANY: @adamlambert's NCOE climbs to #17 on the Mainstream Radio Chart (#23 last week)!!


Woohoo! Take a look! @adamlambert's #NCOE is #15 in Russian TOP-HIT!


Vote for Queen and Adam


Thanks to @adamlambertJP

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

Good to be back in Tokyo!

Brian London ‏@brianlondon

Tokyo, we'll kick it tomorrow! I'm so sleepy.

Adam Lambert @adamlambert 

To find out all I'm up to in Japan- check out @adamlambertJP

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

@TaylorG90 Happy Birthday!!! 

Pictures thanks to @adamlambertJP

Thanks to  @Jo_noshin

adamlambertJP ‏@adamlambertJP

happy adam and brian in the car in tokyo 😁 #アダム来日


Adam Lambert in Japan (Me New Edited Collage)..Thanks to all Japanese fans who made photos! Tnx 2 @adamlambertJP!!!!


@adamlambert Never Close Our Eyes is #10 on the Billboard Dance/Club play chart! Woohoo!!

YAY!  Now it's 7!

IdolsNow ‏@idolsnow

ADAM LAMBERT's "Never Close Our Eyes" jumps 10-7 on the Hot Dance Club Play chart, achieving a new peak position. @adamlambert



Trespassing star talks sexuality and music

Truth About the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics!  Queen and Jessie J


American glam-rocking singer/songwriter Adam 

Lambert concedes, with a self-chiding laugh half-way 

through our conversation, that “sometimes success 

and fame can feel a little bit like double-edged 

swords that bring great things but also bring 

unexpected things, like being misunderstood or 

underestimated, and that can be hard.”


Bonnie McKee ‏@BonnieMcKee

If you're wearing booty shorts sitting on a wicker chair & you stand up & have a checkered butt, #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat. Sit on a napkin.

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

@BonnieMcKee #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat !!! Hahah

bani ‏@bani_ Adam will be on TOKYO FM "COSMO POPS BEST 10" live on Aug 11th 15:00 (EST/PST 8pm/11:00pm on 10th)

bani ‏@bani_

Tokyo FM Midtown Studio has a live stream camera (without the sound)


Great Pictures from London thanks to @Alikat1323



Ashley Dzerigian ‏@ashleydzerigian

This just happened. I heart you @Fender!!


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  1. Adam REALLY LOOKS FIERCE with his Platinum Hair..coming from a's VERY well done,,just perfectly cooool and fierce! my hearts pounding to see him on the stage ROCKING IT OUT!!

  2. I still prefer Adam's hair dark, but he does look sexy as a blond. Can't wait to see how it comes across on stage. #TrespassingJapan

  3. I love coming here everyday. You never miss a thing. I do like to end with Adams twitter stats. I miss that it isn't here anymore.

  4. Sorry about the twitter stats missing . I've been having some issues posting it lately. I will try again and at least provide the link for you.

    Thanks for letting me know you enjoy it!




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