Saturday, 11 August 2012

Japanese Interview! 11/08/2012

Another Improved Video from London #2 thanks to NationalGlampoon


kai357 ‏@kai357
the DJ revealed Bruno sang NCOE for Adam when recording; Adam thought how should I make this song mine as Bruno's ver was amazing. Aww!

kai357 ‏@kai357
the DJ said it in Japanese, saying that Adam told him while one of his songs was on air (re: Bruno and NCOE)

bani_ Adam: "After I returned back to the US, I have a job that I can't talk about it yet. Please look forward to it."


He also talked about his Cabo vacay with Sauli. "I got sunburned but my boyfriend had a beautiful brown tan and looked great." :)

@sweizzGlambert 15m
@adamlambert your smile is my favorite <3 a="a" href="">

Another one.  Same interview?  Haven't had time to check yet 

kai357 ‏@kai357

I've UL ripped JP radio (.mov), full audio. First 5 min visual

is w/o Adam, sorry! (visual is out of sinc anyway, LOL)

Cosmo Pops Best 10 (JP Radio)_11 August
File size: 68.75 MB | 18:13 min

adam's fashion today! super nice boots and pants :)(and everything else ofcourse!) #アダム来日 #adaminjapan

Adam Lambert in Tokyo FM Midtown Studio


レスパッシング」熱唱!adam singing Tresspassing at the fan event :)#アダム来日


Adam sipping his drink


He won the"Big Voice and Big Love for Adam Contest". He won the other contest for Adam 2 years ago. He has

@Silliegirl NCOE.. No.1 in Japan !

More Scans at this link: @bani_

Adamholic: INROCK September 2012 Issue (Adam&Queen) HQ scans


@glaMisa_l7: ADAM LAMBERT arriving at Narita Airport in Tokyo Japan 8-10-12. #1

@glaMisa_l7: ADAM LAMBERT arriving at Narita Airport 8-10-12

All the pictures and screencaps from yesterday here:

着いた!あと1時間半!あだむーA 281;!


TommyJoe Ratliff þ@TommyJoeRatliff

Ashley Dzerigian ‏@ashleydzerigian
This blue is bright in the daylight.

Keisha Renee' ‏@KeishaRenee



Adam will be on NTV Sukkiri!! on August 14

Last time:

Danielle and Sauli

illuxxia ‏@illuxxia
hai sauli hai 

@idolator: See how @adamlambert, LadyGaga, lanadelrey,drake and The Spice Girls ranked onthis week's Hype Index:





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  1. HELLO GLORIA FROM CALIFORNIA! Long time no talk. Always getting your blog...GRATEFUL. Adam: Job in US can't talk about it exciting. Fingers crossed, breathing. Our Idol Judge??
    Gorgeous out here, Adam gorgeous in Japan. Love love the unicorn pic. xoxoPL

  2. I'm lovin' it all - the mystery of September - the gorgeous pale hair - his happiness - the concerts in Japan and the small intimate one in Australia (good vids hoping) - so much fun - thanks, Gloria - luv, lee


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