Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Order Your Copies Now! 16/09/2012

Do not buy the entire EP at Itunes... download one at a time!


List of countries where Trespassing (Remixes) EP is currently available
on iTunes, Amazon and myplaydirect (pre-order):http://bit.ly/SYITY1


Trespassing Radio Edit is at #94, album version is at #99 and Benny Benassi Remix #199 in Pop on iTunes Canada


Trespassing (16-track regular album) was at #80 two hours ago and now it's #64 in Pop on iTunes Japanhttp://i.imgur.com/rCZTw.jpg


@OutsideEdgePR Check out this sneak peak of Adam Lambert performing Cuckoo in the upcoming Pretty Little Liars Halloween special >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PxvMH_QLrw Retweeted by shoshanna stone  


Adam Lambert Insures Voice For $48 Million?



http://youtu.be/VMyR7B3mJ9EHad to re-tweet! this mash up is fierce!

Dr. Brian May‏@DrBrianMay
@adamlambert I usually get very bored with mash-ups, but got to admit this is a lot of fun. The two voices match up notably well !!! Bri x

@SuesArtistry Adam is utterly brilliant. We had such a great time touring. Doing US dates together would be a blast I'm sure. Maybe one day 


 @LiamMcEwan Glamberts... Check out Adam walking in to TVNZ in Auckland. Check out Aidan and I at the end... Totally in awe! Hahaha!http://tiny.cc/sf68lw 


 Monster Mash Halloween  Give this some hits!

Check back later for more!


  1. I don't think free downloads count. Why is a fan tweeting that without checking?


    If I ever get tired of looking into his eyes or looking at this GORGEOUS face (not to mention listening his VOICE) then whisk me away...


  3. I don't agree with giving Adam's music away... free on Amazon? We should be buying it!!


  4. Love, love, love this beautiful man! <333!!!

  5. Beautiful, kissable lip freckle still visible!! Sigh! Just checkin'.

  6. Can't stop staring at the picture - is the man a glorious human being or not - unbelievably beautiful.

    And love that Queen/Adam/Freddie mashup - a keeper.

    luvya - lee


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