Monday, 17 December 2012

Diva Extraordinaire! 17/12/2012

Had to watch the show from last night. So proud except literally just sat here a LAUGHED at my own lame ass on Ray Of Light. #wtfwasithinkin

Sorry Adam!  It was perfectly Adam!  Loved it!

THE #1 DIVA! @adamlambert ROCKED THE BLONDS 2X AT LAST NIGHT'S @VH1Divas! CHECK OUT @MTVstyle's PIECE!… -@phillipeblond

Thanks to GlamStarsky



OMG How amazing is that? *_____*

Translation of the shirt thanks to @Gagusik and @Merrie_NY

"Let me love and steal. I danced inside. Eyes, how can you love and be real. To commit your crimes, do you really wanna hurt me.. Do you wanna see me cry?"

@SweetOnPeacexx OMG I FOUND IT!!!! Church Embroidery Hoodie!! Adams Ray Of Light costume!

@milestougeaux: Great Job on #VH1Divas @adamlambert! Where can somebody get one of those Illuminati HazMat smocks?

Lots of Pictures:

NeNe Leakes ‏@NeNeLeakes

RT @RespectTheGB: @NeNeLeakes was so good with @adamlambert on #VH1Divas. Funny as shit

@shoshannastone: Millions of emails and calls re @adamIsadiva .:)))))))) very very happy publicist ( easy job etc)

@shoshannastone: And the people saying 'who knew'? Erm, where've ya been?!!!;)


@adamlambert you ARE a true diva, in the best sense of the word. GREAT job tonight - you were a gr8 host, singer, and DIVA too!!! #SoProud



If you missed it last night:


 on  VH1 Tuesday 9-11 and Friday 8-10

Also on Much Music Canada Fri Dec 21 at 7PM ( Thanks Pam!)

If you can see VH1, please watch the videos here:


Watch all the amazing performances + the full show RIGHT NOW:

Everyone else can watch these thanks to the amazing @GaleChester!!


Opening Skit

Let's Dance

Donna Summers Tribute (Adam starts at 2:59)

Ray of Light

Links from @glam_alidol

"It was host Adam Lambert who may have been the most entertaining and endearing Diva of all."

"Already renowned for his fab fashion sense and MAC guy-liner, Lambert's progressive (and may we say fun) approach to his  wardrobe is second only to his spine-tingling vocal range."

12. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention what an absolute sweetheart that Adam Lambert is. Here, he poses for a quick picture with his “Ray Of Light” dancers just seconds before he went on stage. Adam was lovely to his dancers, making jokes and dancing dirty with them to keep everyone loose before the big performance. Additionally, you would not believe how incredibly polite he was to this sound guy while asking him to adjust the volume levels of his ear pieces. What a great guy!

Adam Lambert Poses For A Picture With His Ray Of Light Dancers At VH1 DIVAS


More later!


  1. Much Music is showing VH1 Divas on Much Music on Wednesday December 19th at 7:00PM according to their tv listings on

  2. he was brilliant last night absolutely loved it

  3. It thrills me to no end to see our man get this much deserved attention. And it warms my heart to see everyone comment on his kindness. The world needs more people like him. Oh, and his singing and performing were spectacular!! Love him so much. Thanks for your blog. Jennifer

  4. Glamberts, this is our best day forever.

  5. Adam continues to amaze and to take us places that we never knew even existed. He has now totally changed the meaning of the word diva. My only problem is that I am beginning to wonder how long I can hold my breath, I am getting too old for this.


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