Thursday, 7 February 2013

American Idol Edition! 07/02/2013

16 HQ pictures of Adam Lambert arriving at Bootsy Bellows (February 5) - 


adamlambert Ready for @americanidol Hollywood week!! 

American Idol Hollywood Week

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

Curtis Finch Jr! Sangin w sass! U funny! First 

one to really grab my attention. ;)

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

There are a nice diverse grip of 'mo's this year. 

;) progressive!

(Translation:  There are a nice diverse handful of homosexuals this year)

@PapaPeachez living for you Mary. You sound 

like Nina Simone! Dare to be you and dare to be 

different. But PLAY BALL.   ETA: <<
@adamlambert Nina Simone is God so thanks 

for the highest compliment ever. Contact me if 

you want to duet on my album it's gonna kick 


Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

New @pink video is really great. So genuine! 

Love that record too- "Just Give Me A Reason". 

SO inspiring.


 Get this: Zero male American Idol contestants have a Grammy to their name. Nope, not even Kevin Covais. Adam Lambert earned a nomination for "Whataya Want From Me?" last year (and lost to Bruno Mars in the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance category), but if anyone deserves multiple Grammys from the past five seasons of Idol, it's Lambert. Surely his latest album Trespassing is his best work to date, and if you can't even earn a Grammy nomination for notching a #1 album as a self-defined gay artist with a distinct pop sound and an otherworldly voice, maybe it's time for Grammy voters to revise their rubric.


@adamlambert Trespassing album which will be released on20th is No1 on both Chinese Amazon and Jingdong


Thanks to @Listoffsay


Adam on American Idol!



adamlambert Have y'all heard the new single from @falloutboy ? Soooooo badass



Don't recall were this picture was taken, but I like it. @brianlondon@adamlambert @ashleydzerigian 


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 Enhanced Let's Dance thanks to Elizabeth Matthew


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Request Cuckoo!

Star 101.3FM (San Francisco HAC station) has played Cuckoo. It is now on their Mediabase request form


Let's all give this a few hits and get it to 2000000!


Calender of Events

Thanks to @TalcVids

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