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Trespassing #1 in China! 06/07/2013


Adam Lambert in all new SS13 Joyrich x Giza " Gold 

Angel Cardigan " in stores N O W ! adamlambert… 


Trespassing ("Import", Feb 26) available for 

pre-order on Amazon US, Canada, UK, Germany, 

France, Italy, Spain & Japan  

Includes MAP and By the Rules!



"No one trespasses through my shows." Adam 

Lambert performs at the We Are Family 

Foundation gala on Jan. 31 in New YorkPhoto: 

Shahar Azran/


Update: We have 1535 Signatures for 

@adamlambert 's birthday card! We need a few 

more to 

break the record! #wearefamily


Singapore Promo



@adam_events : Adam v likely to be on anti b

ullying segment on Entertainment Tonight on 



@adamlambert never met so much love until I 

started writing about you. You have the best 

Adam Lambert Poses With His Unity Award, Is All, 'This Is What A REAL Winner Looks Like' (PHOTO)

Adam Lambert shows off his Unity award honor while attending the We Are Family Foundation gala.

(Major Glambert writing this one!)


Thanks to Maddie509

Trespassing to be Released Feb 20 in China!  Currently #1 Best Sellers, Hot New Releases and Movers & Shakers!! 

 Here is the track listing:

01 Trespassing 华丽入侵

02 Cuckoo 疯子

03 Shady 难见天日

04 Never Close Our Eyes 绝不合眼

05 Kickin' In 酒精作用

06 Naked Love 赤裸的爱

07 Pop That Lock 打开那把锁

08 Better Than I Know Myself 比我自己更懂我

09 Broken English 破碎的英语

10 Underneath 底下

11 Chokehold 桎梏

12 Outlaws Of Love 爱的亡命之徒

13 Runnin' 逃离

14 Take Back 收回

15 Nirvana 天堂

Adele ‘s 21 which will be released on Feb.28th 

is No.22 on the chart. so Trespassing sells really well @shoshannastone

@DianaKat1 only recording companies know 

album sales number in China


I Love Dolls!  Especially these!


My Paradise! * __________ *  

HQ  Scans of IN ROCK Magazine

HQ scans of INROCK Magazine (Japan), February 2013 issue - 


Review and Playlist for WAFF Concert thanks to @lambosessed


Raja talks including Adam


Adam Lambert – "For Your Entertainment"
After Fall Out Boy had made the mainstream safe for guyliner, Adam Lambert made waves as the first out-and-proud pop star launched by American Idol, and his first solo hit "For Your Entertainment" rode the same wave of glam-romp stomp as FOB's "I Don't Care." Patrick Stump's fantastic 2011 solo album may have failed to set the charts on fire, but "My Songs" once again proves that he still knows how to belt out some Idol-worthy high notes.

Did Adam Lambert buy his own clothes?

Adam Lambert (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Ever wonder whether Adam Lambert paid for those outrageous "Glambert" costumes he wore on the eighth season? The answer is yes -- and no.

"They go on a shopping trip with a fashion consultant who works on the show and they get like $450 a week to spend on whatever they want," says Rushfield. "But a lot of them dip into their own pocket because a few hundred dollars doesn't go that far in a lot of these expensive stores in Hollywood. The clothes are theirs to keep after the show."



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Request Cuckoo!

Star 101.3FM (San Francisco HAC station) has played Cuckoo. It is now on their Mediabase request form


Let's all give this a few hits and get it to 2000000!


Calender of Events

Thanks to @TalcVids

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