Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dreams Come True! 28/02/2013

@annakitamura: @adamlambert @saki_93726 

Thank u 4 coming JAPAN.!!! Love adam. by 

bigggg fun!!!!

Awwww!!!Thank u @adamlambert u so kind

Thanks to @timCuckoo

Adam Has a Game Endorsement in China


27/1723691303.shtml … @adamlambert got a 

net game 

Endorsement, he is the third one ,other two 

are MaggieQ and Dwyane Wade 



IC,it's an A.D. for a Chinese net game. some 

other hollywood stars posted that on weibo 

too.Adam will get money for this ,i think


More Videos from Japan


Thanks to @TimCuckoo

Thanks to @chihironron  I have absolutely no idea what 

song you were performing @adamlambert ... ;)

Maybe Cuckoo!!? LOL

Lots more here:

038 #adamlambert #WAG #OSAKA


Coming Soon!

INROCK interviewed him at the venue but no photos, 

Adam didn't want distraction before the show via 

So there'll be a long (more than 10,000 characters) interview in 

the next issue but no exclusive photos.


@Finnberts Sauli is getting his own lifestyle TV program! 

Filming will begin in LA & it will be broadcasted on 

FOX in Finland! @adamlambert

 Retweeted by Adam Lambert

Sauli Koskinen, who will be getting his own TV 

show, relaxed at Levi



Message for Today

Thanks to @lambertlust


Yesterday was the 3rd Anniversary of this Amazing Performance


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International Tour Dates

Thanks to @TalcVids

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