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Adam Arrives in China! 01/03/2013

Thanks to @zhuxian

oh,super junior fans are waiting at airport too

adam at shanghai airport

Adam's hotel room is the same as Adam Levine in shanghai last year. A Chinese Style presidential suite. price is more than ¥50,000 a night


video of @adamlambert at shanghai airport 

Adam Lambert talks to Asian press ahead of concert


Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert Idol
The glam rocker came in second place to Kris Allen in Idol’s eighth season, but that trophy wasn’t needed for Lambert to blaze his trail in the music world. After a successful release of his first album, For Your Entertainment, Adam’s second album, Trespassing, shot straight to the top of the Billboard charts last year. With a gig hosting VH1’s Divas Live late last year and a huge international following, we bet that Lambert is poised to keep blowing up the music scene. With his incredible pipes and devoted fan following, how could he not?

"Whataya Want From Me"
Turned Down By: P!nkRecorded By: Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert's biggest hit to date could have ended up on "Funhouse" by P!nk, who co-wrote the track with Max Martin and Shellback before delivering it to the "American Idol" runner-up. P!nk eventually recorded her own version of "Whataya Want From Me," complete with the exact same arrangement, and placed it on her "Greatest Hits… So Far!!!" compilation in 2010 -- but Lambert's rafter-reaching vocals still score the victory in a side-by-side comparis

Thanks to @hcluless
Adam Lambert Is Not An Idol But A Hippie

Translation of the interview portion of Sen Newspaper article by 

Reporter: Xu Wenhan 
[This article contains two parts. First is an overall introduction of Adam Lambert from his days as an unknown theatre kid to his exploding into American Idol stage to his upcoming concert in China.]
(note: All the Chinese introduction articles cover Adam’s story in detail, assuming their readers never heard of him or only know his name.)

Exclusive Interview

Q: Your fashion has always been head turning. How old were you when you started paying attention to how you were put together?
A: I usually find my inspiration from the eye-catching fashion. I don’t like to conform; I like to take risks. If I happened to wear something that’s not quite right, I own it. I hope I don’t take myself too seriously. This is Fashion; it should be FUN!

Q: When was the first time somebody said you look good?
A: Haha! I was a fat kid in high school, and no one ever said I was good looking. Later I decided to be a singer and started to realize image is very important in this profession; so I started putting efforts into losing weight. Actually when I was a child many people said I was good looking. As an adult, the first time someone said that was after I slimmed down, probably in 2003, a few years before I auditioned for American Idol.

Q: Tattoos and hair coloring, which one is more important to you?
A: When it comes to my person brand, my hairstyle is more important than my tattoos. My first tattoo was done when I wanted a spiritual protection to help me through the competition.

Q: After three years in entertainment business, what’s the most important tip you’ve learned?
A: You’ve got to be prepared to make sacrifice and compromise. Music career is a gamble and you need to be patient. As long as you have passion for music and audience, then your chosen path is the right one.

Q: You have unusual life experience. Such as dropping out of college, then wandering in Europe for a whole year. What was your rationalization when making this kind of decision regular people wouldn’t necessarily make?
A: I think everybody has his own path. Learning is very important; some people need to finish their schooling to find their own path. Other people, such as myself, need to find my goal in life through real life work and experience.

Q: After the competition, how did you manage your huge fan base and how did you retain them?
A: I worked very hard. I dedicated almost all my time to further my career. I’m not sure if there’s any special reason for what it is right now, but indeed I have a very strong bond with my fans.



Translation soon



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  1. Ha! Is Adam even in that first video? Having been nearly trampled by their fans once, looks more like a crazy SUPER JUNIOR crowd to me.

  2. I could listen to Sauli speak all day! He's mesmerizing!

  3. I love Ashley hair in this photo she is so cute

  4. Looking forward to the translation of the Sauli video interview.


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