Sunday, 24 February 2013

Nagoya Next! 24/02/2013


Train Scenery - Japan. En route to 

NEW DRAWING OF @adamlambert BY ME!!!! #glitter #fanart

Thanks to @GlambertRatliff


Next Show Tomorrow!

Thanks to @mlg621


@adamlambert your dancers have a tough job. 

You taking applications? 

Fan Art

Playlist for Kazanawa

Japanese Article:

"The more beautiful voice sings in the vocal highlight of the latest music from ballads such as "Nice Underwear" in the middle is breathtaking that overwhelm the site, so show off the beauty of goose bumps in the cover "Stay" of Rihanna was. Turn also, the second half became fully open at once sexy mood. Album and showcased in a special arrangement, such as a different sexy, the "For Your Entertainment" debut song that did not quite sing it on tour so far wowed venue again. Big surprise that pops out also to showcase the Queen hits, further cheers from the audience arose."

More  New Videos from Kanazawa





 : ADAM LAMBERT 似顔絵島ぞうり  ‏


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  1. Seeing as comments have been a bit scarce lately I just thought I'd thank you for keeping us up to date with our fave boy. He's looking and sounding better than ever. I love that he's put some glam back on stage with his outfits and everyone looks like they're having a great time. The highlight has been "Dragon Attack" which I adored in London and can now drool over in his latest concerts. His version of "Stay" is just beautiful. Waiting impatiently for an Aussie concert

  2. You are always my first read! Love Adam so much IT IS SCARY! Thank you for filling shoes of so many of us who just don't have the skills! You are SPECIAL! Just like our BB!


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