Thursday, 28 March 2013

Happy Birthday Sauli! 28/03/2013

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Thanks to @minnaliina

today!! Everyone celebrate!!! 

Big year for Sauli!

Worldwide Trend!

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Who is Sauli?? Happy Birthday Lady Gaga 

& Sweet 27 Mother Monster


alidol ‏@glam_alidol  

my source told me its confirmed Adam would come to 

Macau on 4.18th Chinese Music Chart Awards,he is 

nominated for most popular international singer

alidol ‏@glam_alidol 

Adam will perform two songs ,and walk red 



@Milkyway2580 i think he will win

alidol@glam_alidol  this is the award that @adamlambert norminated

Thanks to alidol2011


Adam Tweets!

Catching up on my shows!! Shameless and 

Californication... Such ballsy writing/acting.

@adamlambert wow thank you so much for 

watching!! I play Debbie!!  ;) I'm a big big fan!  :) 



Adam on the Colbert Report


LapDance on Youtube

On Photobucket thanks to @GaleChester



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  1. Enjoyed the Lap DAnce videos! Hope Adam had great fun!

  2. On the Oud Wood, looks like he's gotten the spray bottle, but it also comes in an oil. Checking the reviews on the cologne, it's about 50-50, half think its the best they've ever smelled, others are ho-hum about it and it does nothing for them. Knowing that not everything smells the same way to everyone, I think this is a classic example of "beauty's being in the nose of the 'smeller'."


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