Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Soonish! 27/03.

Home sweet home!!!

Thanks for the WAG tour, bringing love and joy to us, as well as the proposal. Really appreciate it :)

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Adam on Coolspotters

Adam Lambert Says New Music Is Coming Soon: Morning Mix/2013

Did You Hear?
:: Get excited, Glamberts… it appears that new music 

from Adam Lambert is on the way! The former American 

Idol runner-up recently changed his Twitter bio to 

“Wheels Turning: new recordings to come!” It’s not 

much to go on, but let’s hope this means the superstar 

is back in the studio working on his Trespassing follow-up. [Popdust]


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Adam Is #3

3. Adam Lambert: This American Idol alum changed the way we saw television by screaming to the beat of his own drum and wearing eyeliner to solidify he was not going to conform to rules. Dubbed as “Glambert” Adam sang into our hearts and became an icon. His highly publicized man on man kiss was blown out of proportion and almost hurt his career. He’s tested the waters time and again only to prove that being Gay isn’t a bad thing. 


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