Thursday, 1 August 2013

Adam's Week! 01/08/2013

Happening Today!

@bradbessey R you gonna be at the Fox TACA 

day tomorrow? Think gonna be any Idol and 

Glee news?

Brad Bessey ‏@bradbessey 
 @omginsider crew will be there. Expect @americanidol announcement & 

@gleeonfox news. @mariahcarey was this day 

last yr.


Has everyone pre-ordered the upcoming album ? I co-wrote and sang "Lay Me Down"! Excited for you all to hear it!

Carina ‏@_ninni 

I've uploaded lossless audio rips of the two Lay Me Down partials from Balaton Sound (good sound) -


Great Advertising!

Yes this is crazy!! Love it!


Hangin w fergie jakeshears ladyfag and friends at Fergie's Gayby Shower

For those askin: boots are Louboutin, shirt is Saint Laurent, jacket is Margiela and jeans are Diesel.

Click to view full size image



92. Adam Lambert still has the most devoted fans on the internet



Happy August!  

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