Thursday, 11 August 2011

Glorious Obsession! 11/08/2011

Jarett Wieselman 

This is who I spent my afternoon with: 

Adam Lambert on a  TV set Via XxMusicLuvr18xX:

            Picture taken by ? When? People Magazine shoot?

Kristeeliu: About to glam the gorgeous adamlambert ! Ahh...good times!
(11 AM PST)

 cnev79: @ adamlambert Good seeing u @ elevennightclub tonight.

big thanks to everyone who came out to POSERS last was a smaller but intimate ready for next month POSERS does "Janet Jackson!!"...I can't wait! Big thanks to Fred Durst, Dawn Richards (Danity Kane), and Adam Lambert for coming to support the show! It meant a lot having you there!

Quick summary of Sauli's Radio Interview Today!


Adam Lambert from the EQCA facebook page via @SusieFierce

Only Three More days to vote for Do Something Awards

Work your fingers off!!!

Vote, Vote, Vote!!!


From Facebook

Please help our dear friend and supporter, Adam Lambert, win the 2011 VH1 Do Something Music Artist Award! Cast your vote by August 14 and then watch the live show to see if Adam wins airing Thurs, Aug 18 on VH1.

Vote for the 2011 Do Something Music Artist award. The 2011 Do Something Awards air on August 18, 2011 on VH1.


Adam Lambert in Ste. Agathe thanks to @virg1877 enhanced by @aquariussue7

This Saturday Night

It's not televised but:

@eqca We might be able to share video of the LA awards. Stay tuned!

Vocal Range Comparison

Lambert in bright red compared to other great singers!

Adam Lambert thanks to @Virg1877 enhanced by @aquariussue7
(Sue... you've been hiding out practicing and the result's incredible!)
Me Too.... Glorious Obsession!

I have never been obsessed with any Singer until  now I'm a stupid groupie hahahaaa you won my admiration and heart!

Adam Lambert performs in Ste. Agathe thanks to @virg1877 enhanced by @aquariussue7

Gorgeous: 232 enhanced pics here:

Read this!

                               When We Had To Hide

"Just wanna tell ya along the way that yer loved & appreciated for what ya do, & ya don’t need to carry the flag of any cause to do it. Yer out there, bein’ yerself, showin’ the rest of us what’s possible with hard work & conviction; & that’s all ya need to be."


Around the World with Adam Lambert

Australia's Top Model

South America Needs Adam!

   Thanks to @likeateen2

 NZ loves you. Look at this posted in Auckland. You are a world wide star baby ! 
Welcome New Fans

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments or tweet me @adamquotedaily or email and I will do my best to answer!

Introduction to Adam Lambert

"And don't forget to chill your ambrosia salad"  Cracks me up every single time!!

Adam Lambert's sparkly eyes thanks to ?
Hurry Up Adam!

Important Dates For The 54th GRAMMY Awards
Awards Eligibility Year
(The period during which recordings must be released in order to be eligible)
Oct. 1, 2010 – Sept. 30, 2011
At least one song, pleeeeease?!!!

More Great Screencaps from BTM
 Thanks to JMNK

Sasha was Amazing on SYTYCD!

adamlambert Adam Lambert
Vote 4 @D8Sasha !!!

adamlambert Adam Lambert
U hear me?! Vote 4 @D8Sasha! :)
(10Pm PST)

Dance #2

Dance #4


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

@ in a spaceship at @ and the Heartless KILLER videoshoot via @Isaacthecarp (tweeted yesterday night)

Thanks to @SleepWalkerBuff for her latest creation!
Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @virg1877 enhanced by @aquariussue7

Thanks 2 Jolson12Miggles for this amazing drawing of 
Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff
Adam Inspiration Story thanks to @Camilla_mouse

I'll be honest: I loathe shows like American Idol! 

 So the first couple of emails I got from friends with links I was just: 'Hell NO!', but as it turns out I have no spine when it comes to them, so I ended up watching.

 And my jaw DROPPED! I remember sitting at my computer just gaping at the screen while my mind went: 'What ?????????? This guy can SING!!!'. I was addicted from that moment on.

But I wasn't just impressed by his vocals. I was so impressed by the whole Lambert package, so in awe of this awesome person who refused to apologise for anything. But what hit home was Adam's reaction to the whole thing. So cool, so calm, so relaxed, so unapologetic and so open

I think the fact that Adam took all that crap and shook it off, was what finally convinced me to be totally open with my family and friends. I can't even remember how I finally told them, but I came out to my friends and family with my secret. I told them that I was bi-sexual and I was dating a girl. I had been so scared to tell them when I was younger, even worse when I started dating my ex-girlfriend, but when I saw Adam and I saw how strong he was I just felt that I had to tell them. If this man could take all that from strangers and still smile, still laugh, still be open, I could survive telling my most important people that I was bi-sexual. 

I did catch some homophobia, but never from the people closest to me. It still hurt that people I knew suddenly couldn't look me in the eye, wouldn't talk to me, acted like I was the plague. But as Adam has said: Love overcomes Hate - Love has No Colour - Love has no Orientation - All Is Love!

And He is so genuine. My amazing friends who introduced me to Adam gave me a VIP ticket to his concert in Copenhagen with the GNT. I was so worried to meet him. But when I did... He was so amazing. He blushed and giggled when I told him he gave amazing hugs, and he was delighted when I gave him the greeting from my friends who had met him before. And after the concert he was willing to stand in the rainy Copenhagen night and take pictures and talk with his fans even though it was late and cold. I can never forget meeting this awesome man who has changed my life. 

Adam is my hero, my idol and one of my muses(a major one)!

Adam Fans on a Road Trip via @suz56


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Adam's Pre-Idol Music

Flaminga Lady said: Thank you, Gloria, for this wonderful primer on amazing Adam! I love introducing new people to his work, and this is a wonderful way to do that! The “Brigadoon” recording just knocks me out every time I listen to it…WOW, can that man sing!!

Adam Lambert 101: An introduction

Alice said: Gloria, thanks for creating this Sauli site. Adam’s heart eyes with Sauli tell the whole story. I love them together. They seem so right for each other, far beyond the fascinating fashion coincidences. Adam said this time he’s looking for someone who could take care of him this time, with so much going on in his life. Enter Sauli. Delightfully calm and unphased by all the madness that surrounds Adam, he seems to offer Adam peace, trust, support, and a refreshing love that comes from a good, unneedy place. Aside from an obvious attraction, they are good together because both are artists with strong support from family and friends, wry sense of humor, gift of gab, sunshiny personality, love of dance, compassion, kindness, humility, et al. Sauli and Adam are kindred spirits. Thank you Universe for bringing them together. I hope they always want each other as much as they do now. Adam, we know why your heart is full and we are overjoyed by your bliss.

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Tommy Joe Ratliff … Just the Facts!

“Uncle Soy Sauce” – Monte Pittman Rocks! All about Monte!

Diamonds of the Rock God Part 1 and Part 2- Quotations from and About Adam Lambert

“I honestly believe he may be one of the greatest stars in our lifetimes, and I am jazzed thinking of how I will tell my grandchildren how it felt to see Adam for the first time on American Idol, when I was young.”

And Part 2 is here:


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Some of my favorites because there is no point in having empty space when we can have Adam!

Robert Sebree photoshoot:


  1. Gloria, when I saw that "welcome new fans" my eyes just gushed with tears. Happy tears of course :) It's so exciting to gain new fans...especially now when things are about to blow up!

    Love all the caps from BTM...those when he's wearing the light blue t-shirt...gah he's so gorgeous and super cute barefooted :)

    Great story today too. Thanks :)

  2. OH forgot to say Sasha was amazing last night! Voted my fingers off! I hope she wins!!! I love the Glamily :)))

  3. Gloria, I think that gorgeous B&W photo of Adam is from a photoshoot for People Magazine's article on Adam. It was one of the online photos - not actually in the hard copy of the mag.
    The rumour was that Adam would be on the cover and then Tiger Woods personal life imploded and he ended up on the cover instead.

  4. A Dedicated Glambert11 August 2011 at 12:09

    FABULOUS photos! Many thanks!

  5. Very good post today. Love the enhanced photos -- Sue, you're amazing!

  6. With regard to the Vocal Comparison chart - do the blacked-out portions indicate ranges that have not been proven? And with Patton - the striated blue to the far right - does that indicate falsetto? Really like the info on this chart. Thanks, Gloria - luv, lee

  7. Hi, about the photo of Adam with the scarf. My notes are that it's an outtake from a photoshoot by US Weekly which was taken in June 2009 but not released until June 2010, the photo that is. The shoot involved both Kris Allen & Adam and there are a number of pics of Kris alone on his site. The photo finally chosen is of Adam pointing to Kris with a questioning look on his face while Kris has his hands on his hips with a fake tough look on his face. Hope this helps @AdamEyesd (Elaine)


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